Alion has been touching, terror-rising and tantalizing dance floors and supermarket aisles with her own unique and unpredictable style of drums and bass delivery for yonks!

During the 90's, as a awkward teen, the local outdoor rave culture gave Ali a place to really be herself. She had already begun using computers to create her own random music and now the concept of being the guy that chose the tracks ravers would dance to was bubbling away. With this new found inspiration, independence and the room to thrive, she soon realised there was no going back. The rave became her life. 

What had started as a psytrance obsession quickly bloomed into a deep and undying love for drum and bass.

1999 saw Alion run Nelson's first dedicated Drum and Bass gig 'Bout' Time' in a old inner city warehouse space. This would be the first of many. 
By 2002 Ali had already made a name for herself as the outrageous, boundary pushing, resident dj at then fledgling 'The Phat Club' in Nelson. She formed Nelsons D&B bandits, 'Roast Crew' and had sewn the seeds for a project that in the years to follow would become 'Organikismness'. 

A producer, dj, performer, promoter and artist, she definitely has her own unique view of the universe. And that comes across loud and clear in her production as well as her DJ sets.

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January 26, 2018 — Charlie B