ISM (formerly Organikismness) has been producing for almost 2 decades. He's also the producer for Soulware, and is currently producing Salmonella Dub's forthcoming album.

He's a prolific producer, who's constantly releasing music under multiple aliases, spanning across multiple genres.

ISM is the only DJ in the world that we know of that has toured consistently for over 10 years, and only plays 100% original music. Every. Single. Set.

If you haven't heard of ISM before, get to know! He's an absolute fucking badman. Straight up, one of the best producers in the world!

Grab this Tune

ISM teamed up with Delicious Music to bring you the Tidal Creek Festival, which is happening 2-4 March 2018 on the outskirts of the Kahurangi Nation Park.

With a monster lineup, in one of the most magical places in the world, this gig is for appreciators of fine music. 

Tidal Creek Lineup: 

Salmonella Dub (soundystem) - Dub / Drum and Bass
TRUTH - Dubstep
Safire (aus) - Drum and Bass
A Sides (uk) - Drum and Bass / Old school Hip Hop set
Spoonbill (aus) - Glitch hop / mid tempo 
Prosad (can) - Live multi instrumentalist / Loop artist 
Hypnotech (usa) - Glitch hop / mid tempo 
The AnXIents - Drum and Bass
Soulware (live) - Dub / Drum and Bass
K+lab - Glitch hop / mid tempo 
Auramechanic (aus) - Drum and Bass
Saelyn Guyton - Acoustic / Blues 
Ism - Drum and Bass 
Glitch in the System - Glitch hop / mid tempo 
T Bone (Bassfreaks) - Drum and Bass 
Soultrader - Drum and Bass 
Solidstate - Drum and Bass 
Alion - Drum and Bass 
CIVIL DIN - Drum and Bass 
RaSponsable - Liquid
Laura Sonneveldt - Live acoustic 
Evil Empire - Drum and Bass 
Obay - Drum and Bass 
Georgia in the Jungle - Drum and Bass 
NIGHTOWL-Ruru Dubby / half time / progness

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February 16, 2018 — Charlie B