New Zealand-native Opiuo has been putting out music for the better part of a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. Today he makes that known with his impossibly funky new record "Ginger Lizard," taken from an upcoming EP Syzygy 01.

The bassline hits you right out of the gate and gets right down to the business before Eric “Benny” Bloom of Lettuce, Russ Liquid and New Orleans’ TI all join the party on horns. Guitars flutter across the track as synths come and go, but the main story is the bassline that carries the song, your feet and bobbing head to the finish line.

“The title came from the songs feeling of a morphing, wiggling, sliding progression. It moves from stepping along, to squiggling along the musical ground in a cheeky, funky, party manor. It reminded me of a lizards motion. The word ginger was chosen as it kind of rhymed with lizard,” explains Opiuo.

“It’s all about my love for straight up funk, the music from inspirations like Prince, all morphed into Opiuo styles. With some real New Orleans horns thrown on top for quality measure.”

He also worked with some new equipment on the record, so this will feel a little different for those who have been following Opiuo’s career.

"I used my Prophet 6 synth to create 90% of the synths sounds. It was a new synth to me & I really wanted to see what it was capable of. After making this song it became the favourite in my collection.”

The record is out now on all DSPs here. It is taken from his upcoming Syzygy 01 EP that he says is different from an album, more “doing whatever I want” and having “no rules or common restrictions” that can exist with an album.

“It includes some super epic recordings I did in New Orleans when I was there late last year. Plus some completely electronic tracks like 'BOTROK.' All the music is super varied… fast & slow, banging & mellow. All the things I like about making and listening to this epic thing called music.”

A music video for “Ginger Lizard” will be available in the next few days as well. The EP will be released in a month’s time on March 2.

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February 05, 2018 — Charlie B