PNC New Zealand Hip Hop

PNC is one of the crop of New Zealand rappers to emerge from its surprisingly popular scene in the wake of local hero Scribe's success. Like many members of this scene, he accurately re-creates the American sound and voice of hip-hop, but uses it to discuss subject matter based on a uniquely New Zealand lifestyle.

Born in Palmerston North City, later his abbreviated namesake, Sam Hansen heard the first track from Jay-Z's 2000 album The Dynasty Roc la Familia at the age of 16 and immediately decided that he wanted to be a rapper. Four years later, he moved to Auckland with a handful of demos under his belt to join the Breakin Wreckwordz crew. After a guest appearance on DJ P-Money's second album, Magic City, holding his own alongside Scribe and Con Psy both in the songs and the tour that followed, he began to make a name for himself. In 2005 he signed to Dirty Records and released a mixtape, Ooooh on the PNC Tip. A year later he released his debut album, The Rookie Card, with P-Money, Scribe, and Con Psy returning the favor by turning in a guest appearance on a track each.

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May 03, 2018 — Charlie B