Skeptics' first recording appeared in 1982 on The Furtive Four Three Piece Pack a 12" compilation EP which also featured The Bongos, The Dabs and The Prime Movers.

They toured New Zealand on the Furtive Records "Three Piece Pack" tour. The tour was to be followed by a five track EP, Pyronnists Selections which was to be released on Propeller Records, Furtive's parent label, but the master tape was stolen from the Propeller office and the EP was never released.

In 1983, Skeptics released the EP Chowder Over Wisconsin on Flying Nun Records.

From 1983-1984 they ran their own club, thanks to support from the City Council arts centre, in a former electrical warehouse in Palmerston North. They named the club Snailclamps after a chalk inscription they found in the warehouse, "C164 Snail Clamps". Initially the venue ran as an underage hangout but became a fully licensed venue not long after, until the band decided to pack up and relocate to Wellington.

A cassette named Skeptics Said was released on the now defunct Industrial Tapes label in 1984.

In 1985, the band released an LP, Ponds.


August 16, 2018 — Charlie B