Long ago, in a time when free thinkers were burnt at the stake, and innocent people were brutally punished for speaking out against the injustices of man, a brotherhood was born.
A brotherhood which for their own safety only gathered under the cover of darkness.

A brotherhood so secret that no member would ever learn the name of another.

Their sole purpose; to protect and keep in existence, stories passed down to them from their forefathers.
Stories of hope. Stories of courage. Stories of truth.
In those times people were persecuted for the passing down of knowledge, so no words amongst the brotherhood were ever exchanged.

They communicated entirely by code. A code that would protect them from the evil clutches of the corrupt. A code entwined within a sequence of vibrations. A code manifested in the formation of sound.
Any man, woman or child can decipher this code, if they possess a still and pure mind. And if you listen closely enough, you can still hear their forefathers silent whispers.



June 25, 2018 — Charlie B