The debut EP from Woody with darker tones that touches on issues such as domestic violence, substance abuse, relationship issues, self-loathing and suicide. NZ HIP HOP

“I lost somebody close to me in 2016, he was my best friend. I hadn’t felt like that since I lost my father when I was a kid. That’s what made me write rap in the first place, it helped me heal then so, I figured I’d create art about my own misery, the misery of others, and in doing so I found a lot of beauty in pain”

For the last 14 months Woody has collaborated with some quality producers; from the calibre of Patrick Hawkins (PNC Iverson 01), Zach Stark, new comer Worthwilde and with features from Mikey Ellesmere, US/NZ rap crossover group Rugged & Wyled and actor Jesse Drysdale.

Based on emotions and vices people go through during pain and loss, Woody has taken a conceptual approach to such issues. He has been inspired by Barney Gumble’s short film in The Simpsons episode “A Star Is Burns”, but he has created his own real-life replacement images for the art, combined with his own content, to try to recreate Barney’s story through his own eyes. With one track in particular using the same audio samples from the song “Madam Butterfly” in “Maybe” that Barney used in the film.

Woody is also making a few videos for the EP with “She’ll Be Right” set to feature Vic Tamati and Phil Kea from the Safe Man, Safe Family Charitable Trust and Rugged & Wylde to help create donations for those struggling. The tune shows three different prospectives and doesn’t hold back on the realities of domestic violence through different eyes.

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May 01, 2018 — Charlie B