ZED - Renegade Fighter

ZED's story begins in 1996 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Originally formed by Nathan King (vocals/guitar), Ben Campbell (bass) and Adrian Palmer (drums) the band was later joined by Andy Lynch (guitar) in 2000.

Ray Columbus, Zed's manager at this time, had been working with Andy's current band (The Chick's) and had spotted Andy while he was playing guitar in an advert on TV. Later on, ZED happened to record some songs in Andy's father's studio in Auckland, and the guys from ZED became closer to him.

He was in Brazil when Nathan Ben and Age asked him to join the band. After some tours, their first album 'Silencer', released in 2000 was recorded in New Zealand and Australia, and produced by David Nicholas (Brian Adams, INXS, Sting)

At the top of the kiwi charts from his released date, you can find on this CD tracks such as 'Renegade Fighter', 'Glorafillia' or 'Oh Daisy'. Triple platinium in their country, the record becomes best sale in New Zealand. After some sold out tours in their home country, the band won three Tuis awards in New Zealand: best album, best band and best male performer of the year for nathan.

The list of the artists who put trust and believed into ZED is long... Bon Jovi in March 2001, Coldplay in August 2001, Robbie Williams in November 2001... asked them to support them during their shows.


July 24, 2018 — Charlie B