We are very aware that selling Swing Tags made from pounamu is a very new idea, which sparked a few concerns. So we spent some time creating this Frequently Asked Questions page to help put people's minds at ease.

First and foremost; Noise Zealand and Taonga by Timoti are both Maori owned, whanau businesses.

It is very important to us to honour Tikanga, and this has been upheld every step of the way in regards to sourcing, blessing and carving of the pounamu.

If you have any further questions after reading the FAQ's below, please don't hesitate to email tim@timoti.co.nz

Q. Where was the pounamu sourced.

A. The pounamu was sourced from the Te Tauihu rohe (top of the south island).

Q. Has the pounamu been blessed?

A. Yes. The stone has been blessed with a karakia that was written by the Kaumātua of the local iwi.

Q. Has the pounamu been sourced ethically?

A. Yes. All pounamu carved by Taonga by Timoti has been sourced ethically and Taonga by Timoti have been granted rights by the local iwi, to carve and sell the pounamu.

Q. Is the pounamu being de-valued by turning it into a Swing Tag?

A. No. The wairua of the pounamu remains the same, whether it's carved into a rectangular shape with rounded edges (which is the shape of our swing tags), or an ornate spiral/koru.

If you feel the value or wairua of the stone is cheapened because of the shape it's been carved into, then you're missing the true essence of what pounamu represents.

We call our pounamu pieces a 'Swing Tag', but its main purpose is to be worn around the neck as a special taonga.

Q. Should pounamu only be gifted?

A. Traditional Maori traded Pounamu as a commodity. It was traded for bone, food and other resources, so essentially it was a form of currency.

We believe the notion that 'you should only gift pounamu' has arisen through interpreting taonga, tapu and tikanga through a modern lens.

Here is a very concise article which addresses this concern beautifully. This is an independent article written by Mountain Jade. You can read it here:


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email tim@timoti.co.nz