Aotearoa Junglist (3.0) Mens Tee
Aotearoa Junglist (3.0) Mens Tee
Aotearoa Junglist (3.0) Mens Tee

Aotearoa Junglist (3.0) Mens Tee

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This 3rd generation Aotearoa Junglist Tee is created to celebrate the tour NOISE ZEALAND is promoting through Aotearoa, paying homage to the foundations of Jungle and early Drum and Bass.

Brought to you by the DJs, producers and MCs that have been on the frontline of the Junglist movement since the very beginning.

This Tee comes in 2 styles:

  • Small Lion Crest on Front + Small NoiseZ logo on back
  • Small Lion Crest on Front + Large Lion Crest on Back

Please check size chart before ordering.


So much thought, love, time and effort goes into creating each Noise Zealand product. So much in fact, that we thought we'd create a video showing the process from start to finish.


We've put a lot of thought into our packaging. Not only to give it the WOW factor, but to make sure it is eco-friendly. Our courier bags are made from 100% recycled plastic (which can be recycled after it is used).

Our cardboard boxes are also made from recycled paper. These can be recycled as well, but we find most of our customers hang them on their wall as an art piece!


Each order is customised with a card that reads MAKE NOISE FOR **YOUR NAME HERE**.

This is our way of keeping that personal touch in a world of anonymous online shopping.

If you're buying as a gift for a friend or loved one, type their name in the NOTES section at checkout, and we'll put their name on the card. And if you'd like us to put 'FROM YOUR NAME' on it as well, just add that in the NOTES section as well and we'll make it happen!

Let's face it...sometime's we're broke. And we need to eat. So buying a beautiful tee is sometimes a luxury we can't afford right now. That's where AfterPay comes in.

It's great for people like us that have spent our money on buying gig tickets, and don't quite have enough dough to buy us a new tee to wear to the gig.

With AfterPay you pay just  $16.25 today, and the rest in 3 interest-free payments over the next 6 weeks. That way you can eat and look good too!

Now remember, don't spend the money if you can't afford it. Look after yourself. Eat first. Then look good.


Regular fit ⋆ Crew neck ⋆ Mid weigh ⋆ 180 GSM ⋆ 100% combed cotton ⋆ Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage

Aotearoa Junglist (3.0) Mens Tee