Camouflage Longsleeve Tee
Camouflage Longsleeve Tee
Camouflage Longsleeve Tee

Camouflage Longsleeve Tee

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Can you spot the hidden picture in the camouflage?

Let's face it...sometime's we're broke. And we need to eat. So buying a dope tee is sometimes a luxury we can't afford. That's where AfterPay comes in.

It's great for people like us that have spent our money on buying gig tickets, and don't quite have enough dough to buy us a new tee to wear to the gig.

With AfterPay you pay just  $16.25 today, and the rest in 3 interest-free payments over the next 6 weeks. That way you can eat and look good too!

Now remember, don't spend the money if you can't afford it. Look after yourself. Eat first. Then look fly.

$20 Donated to TUNE OF THE DAY

TUNE  OF THE DAY has been responsible for over 100,000 video views, promoting established NZ artists and upcoming talent.

$20 from the sale of this Hoodie will go towards producing an episode of TUNE OF THE DAY.

By buying this tee, you can feel proud knowing that you've made an impact, and helped nurture homegrown talent.

Grab one of these tees NOW, because we promise you...

They. Will. Sell. Out. 


Camouflage Longsleeve Tee